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Hi! I'm Amit

Digital Marketer, Blogger, Dad

I am a passionate digital marketer with a belief that the future of marketing is not ‘digital’ or not even ‘marketing’ but empathy, authenticity, and experience.

The diverse professional background in the fields of marketing and business development for over 10 years with major Indian brands like Godrej, HPCL, and Tata have helped me understand that people do not need people or brands who try and sell them something but they need (and value) associations that make their life simpler and brighter.

I am obsessed about building and being a part of digital marketing that informs instead of interrupts; that helps customers deliver great products and solutions to their problems, not just delivers impressions; and that empowers customers to be decisive, rather than distracts them.

Apart from my domain, areas like sports, analytics, technology, psychology & sociology interest me, and would love to engage in a stimulating conversation here or on Twitter (@amitptilekar). You can also visit to know more about me, my passions, and my views.