Make your ‘Unfair Advantage’ your ‘Superpower’

Have you ever looked at someone who’s truly successful and thought, “Wow, they must have had some kind of unfair advantage.” 

I’ve done that numerous times.

Pointing to external factors like connections, wealth, or luck is easy. But the reality is that the most successful people in the world didn’t get where they are because of these “unfair advantages.” They got there because they found their “superpower” and went all in on it.

Few articles and books highlight the unfair advantage Bill Gates and Elon Musk got at while growing up. But think, what if Gates had decided to play tennis instead of co-founding Microsoft, or if Musk had become a dancer instead of changing the course of space exploration and electric cars? 

The point is that successful people identify their unfair advantage and put everything they have into leveraging it.

So, what’s our superpower?

We all have one. It could be our ability to connect with others, our problem-solving skills, or our creative mind. 

Whatever it is, it’s crucial to tap into it and put it to use. That’s what sets us apart from everyone else. And when we do, we’ll find success and happiness.

In the book “The Power of One More,” the author encourages us to reflect on our skills and talents. We must ask ourselves, “What do I do better than anyone else? And enjoy while I do that?” Once we find our unique strength – the superpower, it’s time to go all in on it. We must put our heart and soul into it and cannot give up, regardless of obstacles.

Our superpower is our ticket to success and happiness. We cannot let it go to waste.

I don’t know if we will be as successful as Gates or Musk in a conventional way, but that is not the point. The point is to find our unique path to success and happiness by leveraging our superpowers. We may not know what the future holds, but by focusing on our strengths and developing them, we can reach our full potential and live fulfilling lives.

Amit Tilekar
Amit Tilekar

Customer-obsessed digital marketer and growth marketing consultant

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