Why ‘Why’ is the best friend for a marketer?

Do you ever feel like your marketing campaigns are falling flat, no matter how much effort you put in? 

I remember feeling that way back in 2010 when I launched my first big campaign to promote a refrigerator as a young marketer at the Godrej Group. The campaign was a success on a Powerpoint, but the on-ground response was underwhelming, and I was left scratching my head, trying to figure out what went wrong. That was until a senior colleague showed me the way with just one simple question – “Why?”

That question has been my trusted companion ever since, helping me understand my customers, evaluate my campaigns, and find new growth opportunities. Over the past 13 years, I’ve seen the transformative power of “Why” again and again.

Take, for example, my first foray into digital marketing. Our social media campaigns were underperforming, and I couldn’t figure out why. But after asking a series of “Why,” I discovered that our content wasn’t resonating with our audience. We took the time to understand what they wanted and needed and shifted our focus to delivering high-quality, relevant content. Our engagement rates skyrocketed – making us the most engaged brand in the industry.

“Why” also pushes you to think outside the box. When launching a product with a 20X higher AOV than our usual offerings, we asked “Why” our supposedly price-sensitive target audience would consider purchasing it. The answer – we discovered that Indian consumers moved from “value for money” to “money for value” as long as you demonstrated the value. So instead of selling it outright, we launched it with pre-bookings and mandatory live demonstrations. The result? After a successful launch and with hundreds of orders, we created a category.

“Why” questions are the key to unlocking valuable insights about your customers and their behavior. They help you create campaigns that truly resonate with your target audience and measure success. And they could also help find new growth opportunities. Embracing “Why” puts you ahead of the competition and opens up a world of possibilities.

“Why” is the magic word for marketers. Embrace it, and watch your marketing efforts soar to new heights. So the next time you’re faced with a marketing challenge, ask yourself – “Why?” You might be surprised by the answers you find.

Amit Tilekar
Amit Tilekar

Customer-obsessed digital marketer and growth marketing consultant

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