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A customer-obsessed, digital-first marketer.

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a.k.a. a biased account of who I am …

If you’ve been hearing that the future of marketing will belong to digital, it’s just half the sentence. The complete sentence will be – the future of marketing will belong to digital, only if you use it to deliver empathy, authenticity, and experience to your tribe.

For over a decade, my work with a diverse range of brands & people has helped me understand that people do not need people or brands who try and sell them something but they need (and value) associations that make their life simpler and brighter.

Through my blog, Marketing and Meaning, I aim to share my views on how marketing can and should work towards humanizing a brand, leading the culture of customer obsession in the organization, and delivering growth. So don’t forget to subscribe! 

I also help brands in addressing their customer, marketing, and growth challenges. If you’re facing one, why don’t you drop me an email at I will be happy to help.

Apart from my domain, I am also interested in sports, technology, psychology, and sociology and I would love to engage in a stimulating conversation on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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The Marketer's Dilemma

The Marketer’s Dilemma

As a marketer, we all have faced ‘the marketer’s dilemma’ frequently. Should we focus on driving short-term sales or building long-term brand equity? Or should we appeal to rational needs or emotional desires? Do we play it safe or take…

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And vs But is a perspective

And vs But

And vs But – while both are conjunctions, they are also the lenses through which you can look at the world.

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